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“On Thursday and Friday, the representatives of the Ministry of Industry clearly told us that only about ten billion crowns will go to support this year, and that probably only for electricity and across the board. So if we divide it by the collection points, it comes out to some two to two and a half thousand to one,” he said HN a well-informed source, with the fact that the setting may change even at the government’s meeting. Two other participants in the meeting confirmed the same information to the newspaper under the condition of anonymity.

Until now, the ministers, including the prime minister they repeatedly assured, that people with reduced advances will see a contribution of up to sixteen thousand already in the autumn bill. This information is also promised to subscribers website of the Ministry of Industry.

The tariff being prepared is to start working from the beginning of the heating season this fall. The law introducing it was signed by President Miloš Zeman on Monday. However, the wording of the law regulates only the general principle of the flow of money from the state to households. The details are to be regulated by a government regulation, which, according to Industry Minister Jozef Síkela, should be issued in August. The minister referred to him after a question from HN and after a question about this year’s two thousand salary.

Until then, it probably won’t be definitively clear. According to the spokesman of the Ministry of Industry, Vojtěch Srnka, the electricity subsidy is only one of the options. “Each household is connected to electricity, so we would divide the approved amount among them in this way and thus help them with the increased prices of all energies,” he says, adding that, for example, those who use solid fuels would also receive the contribution.

According to Síkela, people should eventually receive the promised money. “I expect that the government will provide the originally approved amount, which will not be reduced, to help households with high energy prices. That is, 27 billion through the energy-saving tariff for gas and electricity, 3.6 billion to help those who heat in home boilers, and ten billion to help those whose heating is provided by central heating plants,” the HN minister wrote.

Energy prices are skyrocketing

They show that the prices for electricity and gas will increase by several tens of thousands of crowns four model exampleswhich the editorial staff of MF DNES had exclusively processed by two companies.

The calculations of the Centropol group and Ušetř are almost identical and show that a household of four in a family house will experience the highest increase. The first model household, which heats water, heats and cooks with gas, uses electricity only for lighting and powering common appliances (rate D02d with average annual consumption of electricity 3.0 MWh and gas 15 MWh), will pay an extra 14,157 crowns for electricity more. For gas, it is 11,798 crowns more than before the price increase in 2021. The second model household has a similar scenario.

A family of four that uses electricity for lighting, cooking, powering common appliances and water heating and heats with gas (rate D25d, average annual consumption of electricity 5.5 MWh and gas up to 10 MWh) will pay 15,972 crowns more for electricity annually than in 2021, for gas there is an increase of 7,865 crowns. A family of four in an apartment experiences an increase in annual electricity costs of 11,035 crowns, and those who cook with gas must expect a further increase of approximately 1,400 crowns in 2023 compared to this year.

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