[NEWS] World Skate Ambassador: Bach’s statements contradict his own words from a week ago

President of the Russian Skateboarding Federation, and Ambassador of the International Federation (World Skate) Ilya Vdovin, in an interview with Gazeta.Ru, answered a question about the possible admission of Russian athletes to international competitions in 2023.

“World Skate is ready, together with other federations that do not want to exclude our athletes, to work jointly and separately with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the admission of Russians. Therefore, there are positive premonitions and moods here.

Can Russians be allowed to participate in tournaments in January-February 2023? It’s hard to predict these days. But World Skate’s position is that once the pressure from the IOC eases, they will let the Russians into the competition.

Perhaps, in the light of statements by IOC President Thomas Bach, something will begin to change (the official said that “it is necessary that all countries, especially conflicting ones, take part in the Olympic Games” . – “Gazeta.Ru”).

Although Bach’s statements slightly contradict his own statements made a week earlier.

Be that as it may, Russia was allowed to attend the Congress of the International Skateboarding Federation under its own flag – not everyone is able to achieve this now, ”said Vdovin.

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