[NEWS] The owners of the networks Red and White and Bristol left the Cyprus offshore

The owners of the Cypriot company Mercury Retail Group transferred 33 legal entities of the Red and White chain and one legal entity of the Bristol chain to direct ownership. Chelyabinsk businessman Sergey Studennikov, billionaire Igor Kesaev and Sergey Katsiev became the new owners of the business , Vedomosti reports with reference to SPARK-Interfax data.

“Re-registration of property rights took place on October 14. Now the owners of these retailers are Chelyabinsk businessman and founder of Red and White Sergei Studennikov (45%), billionaire Igor Kesaev (37%) and the latter’s longtime partner Sergei Katsiev (8%),” the article says.

The fact that they are the owners of these networks was known before. But from the new ownership structure of Red and White and Bristol, it follows that these entrepreneurs have other partners.

“In particular, 4% of the shares in these networks belong to Studennikov ‘s wife, Elena Soboleva . The remaining 6% is owned by Vladimir Tuganov , Igor Dzuev, Yuri Khalturin and Alexander Kobzev . All these people are long-term partners in the tobacco business or members of their families,” the article says.

On September 5, the Vedomosti newspaper, citing data from the analytical company Infoline, reported an increase in financial revenues of the largest Russian retailers.

Bristol (106.8 billion rubles, +33.8%) and Krasnoe&Beloe (327.2 billion, +31.5%), which are part of the Mercury Retail Group, took second place in this indicator, losing the lead only to X5 Group . The total profit of the latter for the first half of the year increased by 18.8% to 1.35 trillion rubles.

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