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Meteorologists have raised the level of danger warning for married children for the Beskydy Mountains from low to high.

The new pay for the area around the Beskydy is a warning for very active children until 15:00 and for active children until 20:00, said Pavel Borovika from the Czech hydrometeorological state.

Time affects the pressure, which progresses only slowly towards the entrance. There is abundant rain on the Jesenka and Beskydy mountains as well.

In Jesenkchy, the sarks will gradually weaken. In the Beskydy Mountains, it rained 40 millimeters at the stations of Lys hora and Kateinice, Ojin in 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

The total amount of rain in 12 hours will reach 50 and 80 millimeters until late Sunday afternoon, Borovika pointed out. Men flows draining the Beskydy can react to these peaks by rising water levels.

Later in the afternoon and evening, the clouds from the fall will stop even in the Beskydy.

Avoid Czech wine with a heavy heart. The exception was about an hour on Saturday afternoon. But even that didn’t help, said TK. According to the fire department, it is still very dry in these layers. In the area i therefore paid a warning against the danger por. In other regions of the Czech Republic, meteorologists called it off on Saturday.

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