Members of the UN peacekeeping forces started shooting on the Congolese border, two people died | World

The incident took place in eastern Congo, where people have been protesting for several days against the peacekeeping mission MONUSCO, which they say is unable to protect the population in areas where local militias operate.

Bintou Keita, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Congo, is “deeply shocked and appalled by this serious incident”. The men who fired the shots have already been detained and are awaiting investigation. Keita’s office has contacted the countries where these soldiers come from and wants to quickly start legal proceedings. He is asking for exemplary punishments. Keita did not say where the soldiers came from.

The shooting left two dead and 14 wounded, AFP reported, citing its local source.

People in Congo have been demonstrating for the departure of the UN mission since last week. At least 19 people have already died during the violent protests, including three members of the UN mission.

The MONUSCO mission is one of the largest and most expensive UN missions. It has been in the Congo since 1999, and 14,000 peacekeepers currently serve here.

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