Let’s start a new boom. The Japanese reprinted nine million new cards Business

Pokmon cards have seen a huge resurgence in popularity over the past two years. And they were driven by pandemic boredom, or dreams of getting rich first on cards. New and old Pokmon cards sold out as soon as they appeared on store shelves. The new trend is confirmed not only abroad, but also by the official sellers of these cards.

Help cards are once again popular among children, who collect them and play with them, but also among adults, who have them as a collector’s item. When there is a premium, rare card in the package, its value should be much higher than the selling price of the original package. Some limited editions are bought in bulk, and then they can be sold often for many times the rental price.

In Smarty and JRC stores, sell ten thousand Pokmon TCG (Trading Card Games) balk msn. In the first five months of this year, we sold as many of them as in the whole year, said Petr Kratochvl. Most Pokmon fans consider Pokmon cards as an interesting fraternal commodity. Last year, for example, one of the cards was sold for more than five million US dollars, but hundreds of thousands for pieces from the 90s are no exception.

For example, a special holographic Charizard card from 1999 was sold for less than 10 million crowns. Last January, the brother of Blastoise, who was a year old, bought the dog for 8.5 million crowns. Almost half a million fans of the brotherhood then paid for the special shiny cards (i.e. specially colored) Espeon and Umbreon from 2007.

It’s just a little tst

If you value my holographic and perfectly preserved pieces from the late 1990s, even a new card will make a penny happy. They only cost a little more and the cards are sold in bundles, so you never know what you might get. ance that it turns out to be more valuable, otherwise colored Pokmon, is a song 1:4096. And when you take it away for safekeeping, its value will increase with the ace.

Everything from the cheapest packs, which hide ten worthless cards and sometimes even a real treasure, to complete Elite Trainer Boxes, people can play a full-fledged game with them, says Petr Kratochvl from JRC.

Alza has been recording the increase in food since the beginning of the pandemic, thus confirming the shortage of this product. The Pokmon Company responded to this and the offer has now been reduced and the product is available.

In the first half of this year, we recorded an 80 percent increase in sales of Pokmon cards compared to the same period last year, adds’s Daniel Chovancov.

Reprinting cards, a million cards

Last year, The Pokmon Company recognized the shortage of cards and announced that they were increasing production to meet the high demand. We are aware that some fans are having trouble purchasing some products due to very high demand, the company said on Twitter. In response, we are reprinting influential products at maximum capacity to ensure that Pokmon TCG can attract more fans.

According to data released by The Pokmon Company, over nine billion cards were produced last year alone. This is more than double the previous year, when the company produced 3.7 billion cards. Typically, production runs between one and two billion ron cards, said webmaster expert Joe Merrick. To date, over 43.2 billion cards have been produced since the release of the Pokmon Trading Card Game.

More than a quarter of all Pokmon printed cards were produced in 2020 and 2022. There was never a breakdown in the production of the cards, and the company especially could not keep up with such a huge demand.

The Pokmon Company is now likely over-producing Pokmon cards and flooding the market with their sister items to drive down prices and hit stocks. This strategy seems to be working. In the store, goods are on the shelves and prices in the market have fallen.

CGC expert and chief consultant Charlie Hurlocker said that during the first few years, booster boxes were sold in online stores for no more than 20 percent of the suggested retail price, which seemed like a huge increase, because booster sets are two they sold much cheaper.

Now, with a flood of cards and sets on the market, prices have been hovering around their normal levels. Pokmon cards peaked at six cents per card in 2021. Anyway, the card was worth six cents, and that’s only because there was so much demand. Now that price has dropped to one cent. Petisk especially works. After all, the Pokmon cards are not the original cards. They’re bn or energy cards, and those are good, Hurlocker explains.

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