LEAGLEONE: Court approves full reorganization of Arca Investments | Business

Only judge Ale Barto and his team, the insolvency administrator with his advisers, the state representative, the debtor and the operator with their lawyers are in charge of the full negotiations. The chairman of the board of Arca, Rastislav Veli, arrived late.

There was no room for the public in the negotiations. The court therefore set aside other spaces into which the image and sound moved. The TV cameras didn’t arrive this time. Viewers who were waiting for a report at their television stations, waited in vain.

Tropical heat arrived during the summer. The temperature outside was 34 C, and the air conditioning was not working. Judge Barto proceeded to an unusual measure: He allowed the guests to loosen their ties, take off their jackets, and the deputy set down the plate.

You can find the whole link here.

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