Last year, the least number of modern history students entered the university’s fields of study Home

On the other hand, according to the data, admissions to matriculation courses of secondary vocational courses have increased by five percentage points to roughly two fifths since 2012. The fact that students in spring 2021 did not have to take uniform entrance exams, which about half of them used in the professional course, probably also contributed to the increase in the number of students in matriculation fields, the institute said.

According to the NPI, the development in the central-college fields has varied in the last ten years. At first, it grew slightly in all fields, and in the 2012/2013 academic year it reached a maximum of 32.1 percent. But then it started to fall to values ​​of around 30 percent and after 2020 it will go away. According to the institute, the decrease in sweat was not so drastic. The reason is that the middle wheels have longer, stronger rings. Last year, 30,199 people entered the same fields, which is an increase of 308 m, not two years ago.

According to the students, in the past ten years, the classical graduation subjects of the secondary vocational training have also changed. It fell to 34.8 percent by the 2012/13 academic year, then gradually increased to 37.5 percent in the 2019/2020 academic year.

I eat them in the Karlovy Vary and Steck region

After the outbreak of the covid epidemic in 2020, the number of matriculation subjects increased. In the past fiscal year, two fifths of new five-wheelers entered them, which amounted to 44,450 hp. It was about 4,000 pesos less than a year ago.

In 2011, the number of students enrolled in all matriculation fields, including high school and fields with matriculation and certificate, reached about 67.4 percent. Now it is 71.9 percent. The least number of people entered this field in 2012, when it was 66.9 percent. Pibv pitom main student of secondary professional colleges. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Education, last year 57,137 children took professional courses in the following high school graduation fields, while 13,081 attended secondary schools.

Currently, the largest number of children go to these fields in the Karlovy Vary region and the Steck region, where it is around an aunt. The fewest new students are in Prague, where there is the highest demand for high school diploma subjects. Last year, 83.5 percent of drivers in the capital took them on medium bikes. He placed first in the new matriculation subjects in the Zlnsk and South Moravian Regions. Around three-quarters of students enter the field of study with a high school diploma.

In recent years, the decrease in the number of academic fields has affected the fields of gastronomy the most. Restrictions due to covid, when restaurants were closed, among other things, had an effect on this. A significant number of new students registered NPI in the fields of mechanical engineering and art, an increase in the fields of agriculture, construction and healthcare.

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