KRNAP could have ended up like a vcarsko. Someone started a fire in the Giant Mountains Home

It was only a coincidence that the incident did not happen, said Sprvy KRNAP Radek Drahn on Thursday. At first, last week, KRNAP called on mountain visitors to avoid prolonged and sustained open fires, smoking is also prohibited in the forest.

We are always watching what is happening in the Czech Republic, and in our forest in the black saddle above Martinovka, someone lit an open fire at night! And since there is little girl’s milk there, they used the ones that the Horsk sluba has there as winter marks. They barely watered it in the morning, maybe with water from a bottle we found nearby, Drahn said on Facebook.

According to him, only Horsk sluby Krkonoe came across the lack of firewood. Had it not been for the work trip of a colleague from Horsk sluby, who found and reported the heat to the fire, and our uncle, who put out the fire with the water he brought, we could have boldly competed with the Czech Republic, wrote Drahn.

According to the KRNAP report, the risk of leprosy in the Giant Mountains is not only in the forests, but also in the meadows and on the smilko tundra of the Giant Mountains. At first, she thus warned against lighting a candle at the memorial and God of torment.

In the current era, our young men and women are paying close attention to pornographic risks. “We’ve got a lot of netflixes to be aware of their surroundings and report any spawn of the mine,” said Drahn.

In these cases, people can call either the fire department on the emergency telephone line 150, the Integrated Protection System line 112, or the emergency telephone number of Sprvy KRNAP 737 211 113.

According to Sprva KRNAP, the listed damages, such as logging in free forest outside designated areas, forest fire, and the like, stem not only from the Forestry Act, but also from the Forest and Landscape Protection Act.

Negligence led to injuries in most cases

In recent days, evidence of irresponsible breeding of people in the open market has appeared in several towns in the Krlovroč region.

For example, on the weekend, the firemen extinguished a smoldering fire in the arid thick forest above the Pskovna lake in the Adrpask rock in the Broumovsk region, but the fire did not spread.

A week ago on Thursday, nine units of the fire brigade fought in the rocks of Broumovská with forest leech near Boanova near the Czech-Polish border, and a police helicopter also helped. Por did not damage the code. Carelessness was the fault of Boanov’s fourth forest season. They had to set fire to the fire department in revenge.

Adrpasko-teplick mountains in Broumovská, like the Giant Mountains, are among the most popular tourist destinations in the Krlovhradecky region.

Since Sunday, firefighters have been extinguishing the spread of fire in the National Park Esk Včarsko in Denmark. Warning against the danger of formation and enem poros in all states in force.

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