Klov vmna: Rusov released 215 defenders of Azovstal, Ukraine gave them Putin’s oligarch Medveduk | St

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Kyiv exchanged two hundred Ukrainian prisoners for a single man, the first of whom is the eighty-eight-year-old oligarch Medveduk, believed to be a hunter close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Last year, Ukraine seized his life on suspicion of treason and plundering a source of income in Crimea. In November this year, shortly after the Russian invasion, the news reported that a prisoner had escaped from his home. In April, the SBU secret service announced that it had arrested Medveduk. The politician denied that he had committed any illegal act.

In addition to 200 female fighters, another five combat commanders were moving around. Five superheroes, Zelenskyi said, adding that they are, among others, the commander of the Azov regiment Denys Prokopenko, Svyatoslav Palamar, Oleh Chomenko or Serhiy Volynskho, the commander of the 36th brigade of the Nmon infantry, which fought with Azov until the end of the battle for Mariupol at the Azovstal steel plant there. Kyiv sent 55 Russians and pro-Moscow Ukrainians to Russia for him.

The elusive Ukrainian commander led several days of Ukrainian resistance from bunkers and tunnels under two steel mills in Mariupol, a strategic city in the south of the country. In May, together with hundreds of other female fighters, they surrendered to the Russian invasion forces.

Ukraine agreed with Turkey – I talked about it with President (Recep Tayyip) Erdogan – that our five commanders, who are free to travel, will be in complete safety, in comfortable conditions and under the personal protection of the Turkish president. Until the end of the wolf, said Zelenskyj.

The President added that ten foreigners were thus rescued from Russian captivity – pt British, two Americans, one Maroon, a widow and a Croat. Neptel sentenced them to a long prison term or death, noted Zelenskyi, according to whom this release helped mediate Sadsk Arabia.

Nen Koda dt Medveduk is considered a true warrior

On Thursday, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the return of 55 soldiers of its armed forces and members of the armed forces of self-proclaimed pro-Russian republics to the entrance of Ukraine. All soldiers have now been transported by military aircraft to the Russian Federation, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported on the Telegram social network. Medveduk is not mentioned in the book at first.

The timing and extent of the change are surprising, as Russian President Putin announced a wall of mobilization in the country on Wednesday, which is an apparent escalation of the conflict, Reuters noted. Prorut separatists at the entrance of Ukraine said last month that the commander from Mariupol will go to trial. According to the public broadcaster Suspilne, the accident took place near the North Ukrainian Hernihiv.

Later, the Ukrainian president wrote on Twitter that 188 defenders of Azovstal and Mariupol were captured by Russia. Specifically, according to him, among them are 108 female fighters of the Azov Regiment, according to the National Guard, a member of the National Guard, a border guard, a police officer, a member of the territorial defense and an employee of the security services.

Nen Koda dt Medveduk is considered a true warrior. He went through all the vetting tests prescribed by law. Ukraine received from him everything that is necessary for a criminal woman to find the truth, Zelensky wrote on his website. Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin later said on Facebook about Medveduk: We will not handcuff anyone, but we will transfer him from a Ukrainian prison to the prisons of Russia.

The Ukrainian media drew attention to the fact that the former commander of the pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass, Igor Girkin, known as Strelkov, reacted to the reports of the exchange with the rebels. It is a hor not a crime and a hor not a mistake, he wrote on the Telegram platform. Similarly, he expressed his disappointment on the Internet and gave a break to blogs and comments.

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