Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Nikopol were shelled by Russians at night, the Ukrainian military said St

Non ostelovn Kharkiv continues. Today there was an explosion, Mayor Ihor Terechov wrote, saying that a building in the eastern part of the second-oldest Ukrainian city was hit. Several buildings were damaged, many buildings are not mentioned.

The mayor of Mykolaiv, southern Ukraine, Oleksandr Senkevy, said that the city was a massive hospital. There are explosions, including cluster bombs. So far, we know of several defects at the impact sites. The pressure wave and debris destroyed residential buildings, he added. According to Governor Vitaliy Kim, a cluster munitions plant killed three people in Mykolaiv on Friday.

Yevhen Yevtuenko, the local military officer, informed today about the sale of the orphanage in the city of Nikopol in the Zporosk region. Nikopol was sheltered. Again, he wrote. On Saturday, Yevtuenko warned the residents of the possible construction of the village in the area on the northern course of the Kachovsk water well on the Dnieper river. He urged them to stay in cover.

On Saturday, the Ukrainian government decided on the mandatory evacuation of residents from the Donetsk region, and preparations for it have begun. It is possible to ensure logistics and payment, but people to cooperate. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced this in his regular speech today. According to him, the government wants to protect the civilian population from the Russian invasion troops.

If more people leave the Donetsk region, then the Russian army will have to kill them, said Zelenskyj. In this phase of the wolf, Russia’s main weapon is fear, the president continued. We will use all available means to save as many lives as possible from Russian terror, he added.

He called on the residents of Donbas to voluntarily evacuate, where, according to him, there are hundreds of thousands of people and tens of thousands of children. Those who remain in the war zone expose themselves to great danger, the president warned.

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