“It’s time to step into the unknown.” Bartošová is definitively leaving Czech Television | Home

The announcement came less than a year after Bartošová asked the news management of Czech Television for six months of unpaid leave. “For personal reasons, I need a work break for a while. I am very grateful to the management of CT and news that they came to my aid,” she said on social media at the time.

Bartošová then announced her final departure from CT on July 27, 2022. “Leaving Czech Television is certainly the most difficult decision I have made so far. Eight years of my life have been connected to ČT, thanks to which I am who I am (not only) professionally. Leaving an institution that does so much good for this country is really not easy,” said Bartoš in an official statement.

“I don’t know anything else besides work. That’s also why I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to step into the unknown. To find out what is beyond the horizon of the Kavče hors and if I can survive there. I am deeply grateful to Czech Television for all the experiences, opportunities and chances. In addition to honest craftsmanship, she also taught me perhaps the most important thing – to be brave and stand up for yourself,” added Bartošová.

She assured her fans on Instagram and Twitter that she will continue to appear in public. “I’m definitely not disappearing from the media and the public space, and I’m already looking forward to all the topics I’ll be able to cover and the people I’ll talk to about them,” she said on Twitter.

“I believe that it will continue to be a standard of trust and confidence. I thank the viewers very much for the time spent together and many times also for the very important support,” she thanked at the end in her statement.

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