It’s going to be tropical again, it’s supposed to be 36 degrees Home

It will be clear and partly cloudy in the middle, temperatures will rise to 28 and 32 C in the afternoon, and to 34 C in the west and north-west
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In the middle of the afternoon, temperatures will rise to 28 and 32 degrees Celsius. To the northwest me bt and 34 degrees.

Around the pressure center, its center will move from the center over northeastern Europe, to which the spit of very warm air from the southwest will intensify, adds HM.

Meteorologists have just extended the warning for the middle of the region for the danger of thunderstorms and high temperatures.

As a result of the drought, there is a danger of the formation of pores and subsequent cracks, falls and endangered lives, be warned. Salary warning from 11 a.m. until dismissal.

It will be warmer on Thursday and Friday. Temperatures will reach 35 C, in the evening and 36 C, according to meteorologists svm website. We can expect a cold weather on Friday evening, when it will be cloudy with snow showers and thunderstorms from the west.

On Friday afternoon and evening, a cold front will walk from the west, which will go towards the entrance on Saturday. A development of high air pressure is approaching us from the northwest, HM informs on its server. At the weekend, according to meteorologists, temperatures should drop below 30 C.

Extreme drought continues in the north

According to the HM’s information, the abundant snow during the past weekend helped to raise the total mass of snow in the Beskydy region to 200 millimeters.

On the other hand, due to the lack of rain, extreme drought continues in the west and northwest of the country.

You can watch the current weather over Prague in the pmm transmission of

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