Italy banned the purchase of the Adriatic coast. In my mouth, the bacteria swelled | St

The regional agency for the protection of the environment, Arpae, issued a purchase order in 28 areas of the Adriatic coast. This is mainly the area around the famous resort of Rimini. Agency employees found an excessive concentration of Escherichia coli bacteria in the water. The damage will be valid until the value of the well is not returned to normal.

According to the agency’s experts, the situation is unusual and the interplay of several negative factors contributed to its emergence. A long-lasting heat wave contributes to an increase in the temperature of the brain water, which leads to many bacteria. Because of the drought, there is a change of water in the water, but what can be destroyed in the rivers is a horse in the water.

The destruction of the shopping worried the mayors of the cities, their economy hung them for the summer season, wrote the newspaper Corriere della Sera. ady should discuss the situation with the inferiors in the first place. The town hall denies that they have to deal with the increased water level themselves, for example by releasing sewage into the river. We have spent 250 million euros (about six billion crowns) on the construction of separate sewers, said the mayor of Rimini, Jamil Sadegholvaad, according to whom the situation has economic consequences.

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