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About ten years ago, fuel oil was burned in Brno. Gradually, the bag opened a city enterprise Heating plant Brno on natural gas and today, according to its management, it is the largest consumer of this fuel in the Czech Republic.

The current uncertainty surrounding imports from Russia has put it in a very vulnerable position for society, whose imports depend on over 100,000 Brno households, i.e. roughly 300,000 inhabitants, as well as a number of public institutions, including a number of hospitals.

The heating systems should therefore prepare for a situation as if the gas suddenly did not exist. They will not return to fuel oil, but they will use another oil product if necessary. As a crisis option, plan to burn light heating oil, known by the abbreviation LTO and infamous for the mafia’s bloody brushes from the 90s of the last century.

The boilers on the sources of erven mln and pitlka can be equipped with combined stoves that can burn two fuels and generate heat from gas or light heating oil. Their use is common, for example, in Austria or Germany, and they do not represent a particularly ecological problem, says Petr Fajmon, editor-in-chief of Teplren.

And 250 tons of LTO per day

They began to think about this route after the end of the Russian aggression on Ukraine, choosing it as the most effective in the event that the mountain reached the peak and natural gas stopped flowing to the ash or did not flow in such quantities as needed in winter.

New dual-fuel hookahs were ordered. Let’s wait for them to wait a year, writes Fajmon, with the fact that by then the contracted supplies of natural gas should cost her.

The total investment in rights is estimated at 150 and 200 million crowns. Containing not only the hook exchange itself, but also the complete oil economy, the editor adds, adding that the text is being written in the course of project preparation.

Due to the possibility of using the LTO, Brno is on standby and has recently sent a letter to the Department of State Material Reserves asking if it could reserve the necessary capacity of heating oil for its heating plant, which should be in stock.

The assumption is that we would like to maintain as much comfort as possible for Brno, so we are thinking about diapers and 250 tons of LTO per day, which is a huge amount, says Deputy Mayor of Brno Robert Kerndl (ODS), who also served on the board of the thermal plant last year.

In particular, he referred to complications with the storage and transportation of fuel from the warehouses of the state’s material reserves, that is, the state company epro, which processes oil and where, according to Kerndl, he had a letter regarding heating oil.

If there were no wolves in Ukraine, then this alternative is unacceptable from the point of view of the environment. Even so, we will have to find the necessary help from the regional department of the environment and solve a lot of technical problems, he noted.

Getting ready to camp for dinner

The crisis will be solved by the heat of the wind, not only with LTO. Even wagons with varying tons of oil per day wouldn’t be able to handle that. In the mix of necessary fuel, join much more, such as boilers of municipal companies Brno jacket, which burns municipal waste. All energy will now go to heating water, and not to the production of electricity, which will not help the company’s business in any way.

Teplrny Brno is the consumer of the thermal energy and electricity produced by us, which prepares the consumption diagrams. Based on their demand for energy, we will then convert it to both heat and electricity, explains company spokesperson Michal Karek, saying that in 2020 they produced about a quarter less electricity than last year and, on the contrary, slightly more heat.

Even the collection company itself would theoretically be able to heat households from their boilers in such a way that Bran would not freeze, but no one would have a comfortable temperature at home. It would be like that at 10 and 13 degrees, says Kerndl. About another ten degrees you have to bend the water first thanks to LTO.

Electric boilers are also a possibility, but there, again, set up a transfer station, there is another alternative. Petr Hladk (KDU-SL) with the fact that it could be used for local small boilers, i.e. in cities that are not connected to the central system. According to the long revenge Tom Kolno (Pirti) received Teplrny for wheels, thus providing the opportunity to purchase from the LNG liquefied gas terminal in the Netherlands, where the Czech Republic obtained the capacity for its use.

The place with the heating plants is just preparing the camp for Brany, where and how it can be used for heat. Although it goes against the business of this municipal company, however, in the current era of high prices, uncertainty and the recommended savings of more than 15 percent of consumption, it will be cut to another building. Within a few weeks we want to start the campaign, to Kerndl.

However, Brno households will have to wait for the new heating season to increase again after a year, as the heating editor indicated. How big, you will only know in the fall.

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