Inflation in Germany fell again, according to statistics. Unijn methodology hard opposite | Business


Inflation fell for the second month in a row, but the slowdown in price growth was less, analysts expected. The inflation rate in Germany is still well above the two percent target of the European Central Bank (ECB).

Germany is the largest economy where the single European currency, the euro, is used. European statistics and Eurostat published a rapid estimate of the development of consumer prices in the whole eurozone in Friday. In April, inflation in the euro area rose to a record 8.6 percent, while in May it was 8.1 percent.

The ECB spent the week reacting to the sharp rise in inflation for the first time since 2011 increased the base years of the rate, and that’s because she didn’t originally announce it. Its base year rose to half a percent from a record low of zero percent, at which it had struggled since 2016. The ECB also signaled that it would continue to raise rates throughout the year.

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