In Esk, Budjovice will build for 410 million arels for the plot of land D3 | Home

On Twitter, Radek Mtl announced the public tender for the Roads and Roads Directorate (SD). The expected value of the contract is 410 million crowns.

The construction of the center is due to the acquisition of the D3 road, among other things, on the entire Budjovice bypass. The event has construction permission, confirmed Mtl.

There will be warehouses for two thousand tons of salt, as well as a bn gare and a wall with a pestle for the necessary equipment.

It is likely that part of the complex will thus be an operational area for the Dulní police. It was part of the original design.

On the D3 road, those cuts are now being constructed from the strong point near Budjovice and along the Kaplica, and towards the border with Austria. It should be completely finished in 2024. This should also include a new gossip center.

The 20-kilometer-long Budjovice bypass without the Pohrka tunnel could serve some people for five years. SD with the region and the city further, where the cars should still go around the missing tunnel, so that it means the least possible negative impact on traffic in the regional city.

There is a possibility that after the new section of the road, passenger vehicles and trucks will still be able to drive through the Dlouhá Louka on the I/3 road.

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