In a referendum, voters in Kansas rejected a proposal to limit and abolish abortion St

American President Joe Biden said that the attitude of human rights advocates in such a conservative state proves that the majority of Americans agree that women should have access to abortion. Congress should listen to the will of American veterans and restore the protections of the Roe v. Wade precedent through federal law, Biden said.

The referendum in Kansas took place in parallel with the party primaries, in which supporters of the Democratic and Republican parties chose their candidates for the November congressional elections.

Although less than 16 percent of the vote came from the left, she is sure that Kansasans have spoken out against the state change. According to the preliminary results of The New York Times, 61 percent of voters voted against it. Keep your vote up until the end of the week.

The proposed amendment would specify that the state does not guarantee the first abortion, and this, according to supporters, would allow a new limited procedure or their complete destruction. Opponents of the amendment fear that, if approved, Kansas could follow the neighboring states of Missouri and Oklahoma, where Republican lawmakers banned abortions after the Supreme Court’s decision, in the case of Missouri, with no exception for rape victims.

Kansas, unlike other states of the Republican Party, immediately after the abolition of the constitutional law on abortion by the US Supreme Court, did not introduce legal abortion restrictions. The ability to terminate a pregnancy has been protected by state law in Kansas since 2019, when the local highest court decided so.

Artificial abortions are currently allowed in the state until the 22nd week of pregnancy, and Kansas has become a destination for pregnant women who want to end their pregnancy artificially, but in their home states, for example in Texas or neighboring Oklahoma, this is not possible due to laws.

As a result in Kansas, the self-confidence of the Democratic Party, which had expected a close fight at best, and many of its voters crushed those who want to limit abortion first, the BBC reported.

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