I’m pushing patience at the bottom. Violation of the ban on entry to the park is subject to a high fine Home

The law enforcers expelled them from the national park and stated that the last visit was by agreement. If he violates the law, the police will report him to the courthouse, where he will face the threat of a fine and a hundred thousand crowns, the policeman continued.

Due to the low season, entry to the national park is prohibited in selected places, including the first known tourist attractions. In addition, the guards of the national park revealed that someone had committed suicide in the forest over the weekend. However, it is not yet certain whether they were the same tourists who went to Prawická Brno. At first, they are from the trees, I don’t know if they were found on the spot, or if they were found near the fire, said TK editor of the first national park, Pavel Benda. Open fires are of course prohibited in the park.

Human stupidity is endless

It’s absolutely unacceptable what a group of people like this has done, and it makes me sad. I really don’t have an explanation for that, human stupidity really doesn’t end with a vacation, and fighting a dream is a losing battle, continued Benda. According to him, the entrance to the park from the Czech side is being watched by a policeman. Maybe they got there from Germany, but I can’t confirm that, think f the national park.

Thus, the mayor of Henska, Robert Mare, confirms that irresponsible intruders also try to get into the forest with a dog. Ride us here curious and want to get married. Let’s meet with it quite a bit, said Mare.

But from the Czech Republic, you also get good at first. Firefighters, according to Martina Gtzov, can implement a strategy to fight the fire and change the area affected by the fire. Thanks to this, the evacuation of the village of Vysok Lpa could also end, where residents and cottages began to slowly return. The rest of the village is still closed, according to the fire department, it is not expected at this time. Residents of Vysok Lpa, where about a hundred people go, were evacuated by the fire department on Tuesday evening. In the Czech Republic, the forest has passed since Sunday, and according to satellite images, land with an area of ​​1,060 hectares has been destroyed. Vera was deployed in the evening by aviation equipment, i.e. six helicopters and five airplanes. Firefighters continue in the extinguishing flow, during which they enter the fire, look for fires, bleed the fire, flood it with water and catch up with fallen trees to prevent re-ignition. Vera complicated the situation a little bit.

U na 50 morannch fire

“Since we are covered with a large number of forces and resources, it means that we are ready if there is a twist or something unexpected, perhaps to catch you and have it under control,” said Gtzov. In revenge, the dog intervenes with 700 firefighters.

In total, 50 firefighters were injured during the attack in the Czech Republic. One fell from a tree at the weekend and even had to be transported by helicopter to the hospital. Two young men died after being rescued after they collided with a fire truck while on a pole.

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