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Thank you very much for your support. We know her very well and welcome her to the Pardubická region, p hasia on my Twitter. They accompanied the status with an optimistic photo of the unit smiling into the suite.

A similar situation is commented on by the central twitter et hasi We want to thank you for the huge support. He is a driving force for us. You helped!

The fire in the Czech Republic was managed to come under control after less than a week, this was announced by HZS editor Vladimr Vlek on Monday evening. According to him, the fire did not spread to other cities and the area on which the firemen intervened, reduced to approximately 600 hectares. According to Vlek, a long-term intervention could result in liquidated works in a day.

The conspiracy continues, he put out the printer in action

The campaign will continue on Tuesday. According to the fire department, 1,028 firefighters will be deployed to the porn stream at the same intensity as on day two.

Now let’s focus on the change of forces, the acquisition of technology, the control of taxes and the liquidation of small outbreaks in cities that we have completely under control, they wrote on Twitter on Monday evening.

In the last hours, the fire brigade managed to get to the mouth of Hensko, the outbreaks there were extinguished by land and air. Leprosy outbreaks can be fully controlled. The flaming foot, as seen in the first days, does not appear.

According to firefighter Luke Marvan, residents of the evacuated communities will be able to return to their homes as soon as it is safe. These are people living in Mezn, Mezn Louce and Hensko. Vysok Lpa was the only municipality to which the inhabitants could move. The evacuation ended there on Sunday.

Specially trained climbers in gear who go to fires in dangerous places also help with firefighting. But you have to watch out for falling trees, branches and sparks that can get stuck behind the line.

Hose also at Pravick brny

Firefighters in the national park found a total of 78 kilometers of hoses. And they also reached the iconic point of the entire park. This is the one that is the absolute worst, on Pravick brn, they commented on their point.

The hose is stretched over Pravická brno. (August 1, 2022)

After fighting with the untamed element, the firemen took a deep breath. They made a mistake during their encounter in the forest, and a helicopter with a bambi bag appeared above their heads. And … they got sprinkled.

When you’re hot and need to cool down… our guys enjoyed it, boasting a full-minute video.

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