I don’t like Sektorov da Koer. It would be an attack on the functioning system Nzory

And so the question arises whether the dreams of compliance are current and the issues in the energy sector, which are decided by the government or the parliament. Did the controversial tariff from Minister Skelá comply with this requirement? Is the sector good? What about the Green Deal or Dukovany?

As a member of the government coalition, I am of course satisfied that the disputed energy tariff will pass this evaluation. I don’t know anything. Only on top of the functioning system of energy trading (which has recently led to dramatic cases of energy trading companies) develop a flexible tool that will limit the effects of rising energy prices on our consumers.

Hack into the system

The assessed new, sectoral tax, currently considered as a tool to take away profits from undeserved or undeserving energy producers, does not fit me as a skin, in accordance with the non-profit. It would be an interference with the functioning system, which will have an uneven impact on its way, a variety of energy companies, and interfere with their current and future functioning, in a way that cannot be accurately predicted.

I think that the Green Deal and its effects on the functioning of the European energy industry are demonstrable confirmation of the change in the lesson (actually, it is a warning).

Even without the attacks of Ukraine and the ongoing wars, it is evident that both pricing and the smooth functioning of the energy market have begun to gradually collapse. This was shown by the skyrocketing prices of electricity, gas and emission allowances at the end of last year, the increasing number of blackouts in the electricity industry and the ever-probable super blackout that would affect the rest of Europe.

It goes without saying that there is no need to innovate, to change things for the better, that there is no need to respond to a potentially serious threat such as global warming. But just in case, colleagues have strong currents (for the good reason of preserving physical integrity) addendum to the changing lesson: When you dig into it, you should understand it.

Let’s innovate, but sensibly

A good example was the decision to switch off eleven coal-burning thermal power plants in Germany in January 2021. Although in the winter period, classical power plants and a farm in the north of Germany produced enough electricity, its frequency began to collapse repeatedly (down to 50 Hz), because large turbogenerators in classical power plants, thousands of tons of rotating steel, are necessary for its generation and impact. A widespread blackout threatened and large thermal power plants had to be restarted repeatedly.

And so repeatedly appeared in the media criticism that the Energiewende (the transition to renewable sources of electricity) two German people do not understand a functioning electricity system.

In the wake of my comment, I also changed Dukovany, i.e. the construction of another nuclear unit in this power plant. The lesson for this project is the following: Let’s build something that works somewhere. Only in this way can the large nuclear block be built in the full time and the start-up can be completed. I am glad that the Czech nuclear energy industry is run by people who understand.

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