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Firefighter Martina Gtzov said this at a press briefing on Sunday afternoon. I’m putting out a big effort to fight the flames. It is assumed that such a massively deployed fire brigade will last several days. In Hensko, he is now working on 750 fire extinguishers from the cells of the republic.

According to rumors, the whole area is divided into sectors. The area affected by the fire is about 1,060 hectares, but firefighters are working on a much larger area around the fire. It is a so-called external pore. Outside, the area is designated for a guided intervention, technology is deployed in it, and the free movement of people and means of transport is restricted here. Due to the changes in area, for example, residents of Vysok Lpy could move their houses.

On Sunday, five aircraft and four helicopters captured by the Czech side were helped by ten helicopters from Germany during the fire season in the Czech National Park.

Six firefighters were injured during a firefight in the Czech Republic on Sunday, one of whom died of a knee injury in hospital. A total of 47 firefighters were injured.

A total of eight firefighters were injured on Saturday. The most injured person was airlifted to the trauma center of Steck Hospital. The firemen did not want to comment on his condition, they also left the injured pin without comment. According to Gtzov, the firefighter was injured when a tree fell, the rescue service stated that he fell from the glass.

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