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Russians visiting Georgia should not forget that they are visiting a city that is downstream of their country, think Data Lapauri, just in the center of the Georgian metropolis Tbilisi own Dedaena bar.

To Georgia since the invasion broke out fell in love at least 300 thousand Russians and po fire of mobilization dalch prints came here. On the social streets, animals from the border between Russia and Georgia are circulating, in front of which a long column has formed in the center. All tickets from Russia to Tbilisi are sold out.

As a vtina Georgian, I don’t have it according to the letter The Moscow Times (MT) with the presence of Russians, who often flee here because of their anti-government norms and the economic crisis, a problem that disturbs others and the conflict in Ukraine painfully reminds them of the Russian-Georgian conflict of 2008.

Some Georgian businesses began to demand confirmation from Russian officials that they do not support Vladimir Putin and his invasion. Dedaena is one of them. Rut oban, who wants to enter, must fill out an online form and agree with declarations such as I condemn Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Bar nvtvnky equal d so that if mono they don’t speak Russian and don’t start political discussions while drunk. It would be an extreme honor if the people of the right nation are not included here. But I don’t want to have someone who supports Putin in the company. We don’t want to serve the occupiers, to Lapauri.

Some have resorted to harsh measures, the most famous club in the country, Bassiani, has completely denied Russian entry. In February, the Georgian bank demanded from the Russians, who wanted to open, the signature of a formula condemning Russian aggression in Georgia and Ukraine. But later she dropped the step.

The Russians are blunt, take care of your business

Lapauri claims that the warden in his company introduced a case of bad behavior on the part of the Russian women because of the growing sweat. It’s a way to hit the bird’s eye in a bar. It is common that the Russians come and automatically order services and menus in the routine or want to pay in rubles. Sometimes they are aggressive, as if they like it here, mn Lapauri.

According to him, there are many Russians who go to the bar and have no problem filling out the formula. Those who hate it, nothing on the Internet, raged against the campaign bar and flooded it on Google negative reviews.

According to MT, many Russians living in Georgia believe that their ancestors are being abused in a similar way. Such measures are unacceptable, contrary to international law. However, discrimination based on nationality or political views is unacceptable, Uljana Kalininov, a Russian banker who immigrated to Georgia in 2017, told the newspaper. It is an incitement to hatred in the country where we all live, she added.

They could save them like Ukraine

While some Georgians rely on Russian arrogance, others believe that the Russian community poses a threat to the security and political stability of the country of thousands of people. In ervenci it came to light, e Russian secret service FSB sent its agents to Georgiaso that the Russian exiles could live here.

I understand that because of the great Russian sweat, there will be a provocation from the Kremlin, thought the Georgian Nina, who did not want to give her name. People come here, they start buying apartments, they have a residence permit, they don’t go to Georgia and then… who in. When will Russia come here to protect its people, similar to what it did to Ukraine, the woman added.

It is not yet clear whether the Georgian government will take any measures in response to the new wave of Russian emigration. Some local politicians have called it since the beginning of the invasion to establish a relationship for Russian tourists. At stop z, it appeared at first, e gruznt borderers Also, ban Russians from entering the country, including opposition activists and newspapers.

Definitely not to them, tell the Russians from the Baltics

While Georgia has so far had nothing to do with the fleeing Russians, the Baltic countries announced in the middle of yesterday that they would not provide them with this. Latvia will not issue humanitarian aid or other prisoners against Russian nationals fleeing mobilization and will not change or restrict entry to Latvia for Russian nationals, said Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkvis.

The Baltic states and Poland started turning away Russian tourists for a week, saying that they should not travel when their country was at war with Ukraine. Refusal to fulfill one’s citizenship obligations in Russia is not a reason for granting asylum in another country, said Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu.

Lithuanian Minister of Defense Arvydas Anuauskas said that Lithuania has increased the level of readiness of the military’s rapid reaction forces to prevent any provocations from the Russian side. Because the mobilization of Russia will also be carried out in the Kaliningrad region in our neighborhood, we cannot just wait, he wrote.

On the other hand, Germany said on Thursday that it is ready to accept Russian deserters. Fugitive Russians are welcome in Germany, stated the German Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeserov, and emphasized that the granting of political asylum is not automatic and is based on individual decisions accompanied by a security check.

The European Commission stated on Thursday afternoon that the decision whether to let people from Russia into the world is up to each individual state. Union states should always guarantee entry to people seeking asylum in the EU and then assess their status individually, the spokeswoman said.

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