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The Russian gas producer Gazprom announced on Saturday that it had stopped gas supplies to neighboring Latvia, accusing it of violating the conditions for taking gas.

This step came a day after the Latvian energy company Latvijas Gaze announced that it is buying gas from Russia and paying in euros instead of rubles, which are common when trading with Gazprom.

We buy gas from Russia, but not from Gazprom. Let’s get it from another supplier, Anastasia Peterov of Latvijas Gaze told Reuters.

We are not the only ones in Latvia, there are other companies that take gas from Russia, she added.

Latvijas Gaze declined to name its supplier, citing trade secrets, and added that the payment is in euros, as required by the Latvian regulator.

Unlike neighboring Lithuania, which banned the import of Russian gas, Latvia did not take such a step until the end of 2022.

According to the changes to the Energy Act effective from the 28th of January, the supply of natural gas from Russia is prohibited from January 1, 2023. Until this date, the supply of natural gas from Russia is allowed, the company stated in a separate statement.

Since the end of the year, Moscow has been demanding that foreign customers pay for gas in rubles, otherwise they risk running out of supplies.

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