For onions born? The Minister of Agriculture was mainly concerned about lobbying Nzory

When he found out that New Zealand onions were sold in stores, he did not hesitate and wrote to them to promote local production. Because it is too good for the environment.

It’s just me, but it doesn’t have to be true either. Various studies show that it pays to bring sheep from Australia, apples from New Zealand and carnations from Africa to some European countries. The costs of breeding and breeding plants are lower there, if only because it is much warmer there, there is not as much fertilization, and transport in large quantities sometimes produces fewer greenhouse gases than the product from small producers.

In the end it doesn’t matter anyway. The minister was mainly concerned about lobbying on behalf of the manufacturer. What is double dream vc. First of all, Czechia produces enough food, so if the foreign minister lobbied at home in a similar way, it would damage our country. And for the kind, shops probably choose suppliers based on price, and for the price of food, they would not thank the minister or his party’s voters.

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