Flying exile is over. Baku started returning refugee women to Karabakh St

In the first wave, zerbjdn is going to send land to the Zangilan region, one of the villages around Karabakh, which last year was recaptured by the Armenian wolf, which killed more than 6,500 people. For a country overflowing with oil wealth, this is a symbolic moment that it will call the Great Return.

In 1993, about 30,000 ethnic Azeris fled from Zangilan, near the Rhine border. According to the President’s Plenipotentiary for Nagorno-Karabakh, Vahid Hadiyev, around 60 people were moving around for the time being. For radio s Voa News then he stated that another 41 families will be added to the changing area in the coming days, specifically to the village of Agali.

The Serbian government has pledged to provide jobs. So VAgali built her a house equipped with solar batteries, a brand new bike and a mother’s bike. During the following months, the village should be fully populated.

We are lucky to be back, said 64-year-old Mina Mirzojevov for the French news agency Agence France-Presse. This is our homeland, our native land. Rahilya Ismayilov told how in 1993 she and her children waded into the river and fought for their lives to save themselves from Armenian soldiers.

All the refugees go to their homes, just like us. I ran away from the village with my children then, and today I am back with my big family and nine grandchildren, added Ismayilov. According to Baku, it has promised that a large amount of money will be allocated for the reconstruction of the damaged area. Considering the extent of the devastation and the danger of landmines, however, the group considered the return of the refugees a distant prospect for the time being.

Yerevan is about to download

The smoldering conflict in Transcaucasia is still not definitively ruled out. On the 15th, before the meeting of the foreign ministers of the two troubled countries in Tbilisi, the President of Serbia, Ilham Aliyev, stated that the Armenian troops were rebelling against him. Although a year and eight months have passed since the wolf, Armenia has unfortunately failed to fulfill the commitments it was forced to take, he stated at the time in his officially approved.

We are a mindful earth and we have restored our earthly integrity. If Armenia did not intend to withdraw its armed forces from the land of Serbia, then it should make it clear to them and we will take steps, Aliyev said.

Yerevan is now preparing to host the army from Karabakh. f security council Armen Grigoryan 19. ervence for the Armenian state medium Armenpress he stated that all conscripts will not be sent home from Karabakh until the end of the day to the land of the separatist republic.

Military service is compulsory in Armenia. Everyone from the age of 18 is obliged to serve two years. During the armed conflict, half of the conscripts were sent to the Karabakh region. After the PM was closed and the peace contingent of the Russian Federation was sent, it is logical for the units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia to leave Karabakh, said Grigoryan.

The last conscripts will be released by August 30, then we will not be sent to the Republic of Arcach (internationally unrecognized Armenian separatist state on the land of Nagorno-Karabakh, it is connected to Armenia by the Lain corridor, note editorial office) day sent the prisoners, confirmed Colonel Sahak Sahakjan.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Painyan even stated that Armenia is ready to leave Arcach without protection. According to the portal Eurasianet if they are separatists, they will otherwise maintain their own army, which is closely connected with the Armenian armed forces.

However, the Russian contingent should represent the main defense against further Serbian progress. Even after his death this year, Serbian forces occupied new land around the village of Paruch, which is surrounded by Armenians and protected by Russian peace troops.

The events in Paruch were a gross violation of the trilateral agreement of November 9, 2020, Grigoryan said. According to him, the presence of Russian air forces proves the existence of a threat to the Armenian population of Karabakh. Russian peace messages are of key importance for ensuring the safety of Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh, he added.

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