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the creation of the Charter of Basic Rights and Freedoms, which can guarantee the possibility of paying with valid banknotes and coins, the senator from the ODS club and TOP 09 has submitted to the upper committee. Sent will discuss the amendment in the first round at a meeting in five weeks.

The basic idea of ​​this proposal is that digitization will make people’s lives much easier, and no one can be forced to use it first, but no one, and with the necessary exceptions of the public domain, cannot be forced to use it, rightly or wrongly, wrote Chalnkov in the reasons at first

According to the sentorka, the majority of the population does not want ownership of a bank account, payment card and bank identity to become an obligation or necessity. Refuse it because of the possibility of private control, the need to have the necessary equipment, the hacker flow and because of possible failures of electronic connections or the supply of electronics, stand in doubt.

However, the floor respects the legal limit on cash payments, when for sums over 270 thousand crowns, it must be cashless due to previous criminal activity, and limited to first paying in cash in connection with the deprivation of personal freedom, for example in prisons.

In the last election period of the House of Representatives, Tricolor MPs pushed for the establishment of the first cash payments. At that time, the government was opposed to their cause. The Czech National Bank stated in response to parliamentary initiatives that the current law includes the first payment in cash and it is not necessary to extend it to the building. The Lower Chamber did not discuss the floor before the elections.

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