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When asked if he could imagine a sectoral tax, the Prime Minister said that it was not a topic to talk about. What we guaranteed even in the government’s program review. In addition, progressive taxation in our country, when we submit to the tax system, he said for Prvo.

However, I can imagine a form of solidarity between those who have unequal profits as a result of the situation on the world energy markets, and those who are affected by the suddenly high energy prices, he pointed out that it is possible to look for some form of solidarity.

That is, I do not exclude the tax from the unfair profit, he said. However, it is not clear what its form will be. If there is solidarity instead, it took a long time. It’s not about collecting pensions and paying them over. The point is that we use the money we get from companies providing us with their unexpected profits to help people who are affected, added the prime minister.

Instead, it’s a matter of how to make a profit

Pot piblil how Neoequan defines profit. It is a profit not from a situation where the company offers a better product, innovation, improved product range and thus sales. The reason is that a situation has arisen that without any change in behavior and product, profits will not be made, explained Fiala. At this time, according to him, it is important to know how to share the profit with those who bear the costs.

On the contrary, you were rejected by your colleague in the health service. It’s really nothing, we would have fun. Even our program does not contain it, we will not go down this path, he said.

According to Fiala, the main problem is the lack of energy property of the ash. I can’t find words for what we have done in the field of energy after the previous government. We are completely energy insecure and the state has very little influence on any energy infrastructure. We increased our gas from 97 percent, this would not have been the case if the government had taken the necessary steps in the past, he said.

In the interview, the Prime Minister touched upon the election of the new head of state. He admitted that choosing a candidate is not easy. But we will definitely go with a name that will support us or that will represent us, he pointed out. According to him, the Spolu peml coalition was able to defeat populists like Andrej Babie.

I want to assure everyone that we do not underestimate this, that we want the Czech Republic to have a good president and a president who will represent the country in time, added the prime minister.

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