Fear reigned in the Russian border, people were afraid of foreigners and their own agents St

The situation here is very tense. we live in the window that they will steel us. When people go to bed, they prepare a tank and their documents next to their bed, in case they have to escape quickly at night, an anonymous old man from the Russian town of Klintsy, which is only 46 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

Of course, in this area we are on it for the time being, but we have been in the village near the border and they have been bombed several times, he added for the Russian server 7×7, just visited the village on the weekend. The streets of the city are deserted – there are not even soldiers in them, only patrol cars of the military inspection.

The first reminder of the fact that Russia has been leading a wolf on Ukraine for five months is the recruitment plaques in the fields. You can actually choose a military contract service, one of them said. Military contract service is your ticket to the future, stay away.

My cousin’s family is going to Ukraine in the Dnipro. When the rockets were destroyed in June, they wrote to me that they would deserve it. But what do we have in common? We are not the ones who started it all, added the elderly resident, adding that he did not intend to leave Klincy for now. It’s my home, I’ve spent my whole life here. I don’t even want to think about it, he declared.

People don’t have to pay a fine

According to the server Mediazone there is a rumor among the inhabitants of Klincy that Ukrainian saboteurs operate here. There was a sweat that the Reds did not explain the exact time, it only broke out on the 11th of June. military warehouse. Ohe destroyed the army’s equipment and launched a massive fire attack. The resident claims that they heard explosions before the fire. Kyiv was not involved in the incident.

According to Mediazona, the local newspaper did not ask the Ukrainians for the help at the warehouse or the Saturday event. No one wants to mess with ady. You can drink about work and have problems outside. We are talking about old meetings, said the reporter on the server, who asked to remain anonymous.

According to him, many residents do not agree with what is happening in private conversations. But they are always doing a special operation on camera and supporting President Vladimir Putin. So it’s te vude, not only in Klincy. The battle has arrived in our city, the people are also in fear and fear, but still they will generally support the actions of the Russian army. Salaries here are not so high that people can afford fines, and no one wants to go to jail, the newspaper added.

People are sad, silent and nervous

The situation is similar in the nearby village of Zajmie. On June 14, Bryansk Governor Alexander Bogomaz said that Ukraine had steeled the village and hit it with a Toka missile. During the flow, six people were injured and fifty buildings were damaged. The governor promised a financial reparation.

A month later, the streets of Zajmie are deserted. After what happened, there is silence. People are sad, silent and nervous. But life goes on. If only we knew when it would all end, said a local store employee, who declined to give his name.

In the days after the day of the hospital, the residents led the Russian newspaper around the village and showed them the codes, now don’t talk to anyone. Paranoia gripped the village.

Rumors began to circulate that the Russian intelligence services might send their agents to find out what direction the population was heading and try to identify potential alarmists. Are you sure you don’t belong to them? Well, you wouldn’t say that to me anyway, said one of the residents of Zajmia to a reporter of the 7×7 server.

People are scared and are waiting for the financial compensation they were promised. For those who were not injured but have their homes damaged, this is the main thing to think about. Picz autumn and winter. You need to be able to five, he added.

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