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The company Akcez owns EZ together with the Turkish partner Akkk Holding. The buyers are the Turkish company Torunlar Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret and Bakent Dogalgaz Dagitim Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi of the Torunlar Group. Akcez includes the subsidiaries of the company, which is engaged in the distribution of electronics, energy sales and energy services.

The sale of the stake in Akcez is part of EZ’s strategic plan to get rid of 100 assets in selected markets and focus on the decarbonization of its production portfolio and the development of renewable resources and modern energy services in Czechia and Europe.

The sales process was started by EZ in cooperation with its partner Akkk last year after testing the preliminary interest of potential investors. After submission of considered offers, EZ agreed on the terms of the sale of its fifty percent share in Akcez to the Turkish investor Torunlar Group. Akkk in the project zstv. In Turkey, the transaction must be approved by the antimonopoly authority and the energy regulator. To complete the transaction, it is also necessary to negotiate the terms of refinancing your loan. The consultant for the sale was the international investment bank Citi and the Turkish investment bank a.. Yatirim.

Torunlar Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret is a Turkish investment holding company and the majority owner of Bakent Dogalgaz Dagitim Gayrimenkul Yatirim Ortakligi. Bakentgaz is the largest gas distributor in Turkey, publicly listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. Both named companies are part of the Torunlar Group.

The EZ Group entered the Turkish market in 2009. During the privatization of the Turkish energy sector, other players, such as E.ON, RWE and OMV, entered the country at the same time. The distribution company Sakarya Elektrik Dagitim (SEDAS), as the main subsidiary of Akcez, has approximately two million customers and manages 60,000 kilometers of distribution stations. Sakarya Elektrik Perakende Satis (SEPA) sells electricity to 1.8 million customers. The company Sepa Akilli zmler (Sepa Smart Solutions), founded in 2021, provides services in the field of energy activities.

EZ Group is a joint venture of Akenerji Elektrik retim in Turkey and in Germany. It will mainly deal with the production of electricity from renewable and gas sources. According to information on the website, EZ co-owns nine power plants in Turkey with a total installed capacity of 1,224 MW. The portfolio is dominated by the Egemer steam-gas power plant with an installed capacity of 904 MW and seven hydropower plants with an installed capacity of 288.9 MW. Power of internal power plants in 28.2 MW.

EZ Group’s profit last year was 9.9 billion crowns, meziron by 81 percent of the case. On the other hand, after adjusting for extraordinary effects, profit fell by ten percent to 22.3 billion crowns. EZ is actually 70 percent owned by the Ministry of Finance, the rest is held by private shareholders.

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