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The price of Brent oil fell to 98 dollars per barrel. But it is great for the idea that the wholesale price on the European market is falling sharply, especially for gasoline. The development in the next week will therefore be interesting for ideas. In the next week, we expect a discount of another 1.5 crowns. Gasoline is cheaper, adds investment manager Boris Tomiak from Finlord.

The price of oil is now directly falling as a result of the increase in oil reserves in the US, which only signals a decrease in demand. Another reason for the drop in oil prices is the public decided by the OPEC cartel and his ally in ele with Russia navit tbu. However, it is really symbolic, about 100,000 barrels per day. Descendants of the cartel and other task countries attribute the titular increase to fears about the impact of the recession in the USA and the covid shutdowns abroad, according to economist Luk Kovanda.

Despite the drop in prices, fuel is still more expensive than it was a year ago. At that time, people paid 10.63 crowns per liter for gasoline, not now, diesel was even cheaper by 13.46 K.

The cheapest fuel is now available at gas stations in the Pardubice region, where a liter of petrol costs 43.68 K on average and a liter of diesel for 44.66 K. On the contrary, the most expensive fuels are in Prague. In the capital, a liter of gasoline costs an average of 46.22 K, a liter of diesel 46.55 K. In other regions, the average price did not reach 46 crowns.

Fuel prices have risen sharply this year in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. On the 23rd, a liter of gasoline cost an average of about 37.40 kroner and diesel about 36.40 kroner. Within two weeks after the start of the Russian invasion, however, the price of gasoline jumped to almost 47.30 kroner and the price of diesel to 49.60 kroner. . Since then, prices have plummeted. Gasoline started to drop from record values ​​by units of hal at the end of April, the price of diesel has been decreasing since the beginning of April.

The government took several measures against the rapid health fuel. Among other things, since the arrest of Ervna for three months, the consumption tax on gasoline and diesel has increased by 1.50 kroner per liter. The cabinet proposes to keep the daily consumption rate for diesel permanently. The reason is competitiveness with the surrounding countries.

Average fuel prices as of August 3, 2022 (in K/l):

Region Natural 95 Oil
R 44.41 45.11
Prague 46.22 46.55
Stedoesk 45.18 45.69
Jihoesk 43.94 44.75
Plzeň 44,45 45.07
Karlovy Vary 44.36 44.95
stick 43.8 44.77
Liberec 44.64 45.21
Krlovhradeck 43.71 44.73
Pardubice 43.68 44.66
Vysoina 44,44 45.09
South Moravia 44.67 45,26
Olomouc 44.59 45.21
Zlnsk 44.01 44.89
Moravian-Silesian 44.04 44.76

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