Don’t heat yourself with fire, the US president warned about Taiwan St

He who warms himself with fire, only splits, he said according to the people of Si Biden. He called on the US to respect the principle of unity, according to which Taiwan falls under Beijing’s sphere of influence.

Access to Taiwan is once again at the center of tense American-American relations these days due to speculation about the incoming nvt Speaker of the House Representative Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island.

According to the American people, it could take place in five months, and Pelosi would become the highest-ranking American politician to undertake such a wedding since the turn of the century.

The island, located south-east of the mainland, has been operating independently for many years with a democratically elected government, and the United States has expressed its support for it. Washington does not have an official diplomatic relationship with the Taiwanese government, President Biden said in his speech that Washington is prepared to intervene militarily in the event of a flow to Taiwan.

Beijing has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with American positions and has recently threatened unspecified strong measures if Pelosi’s move is carried out.

It is one of a number of hot topics that are currently shaping relations between the US and the United States. Washington made it clear that during the daily phone call, Biden wanted to talk about the Russian flow into Ukraine, which Beijing has never condemned, or about climate protection and economic cooperation.

Upmn and deep conversation

During the nearly two-hour call, Vern’s review of the Blho House also mentions the fight against climate change and health security, albeit without any details. According to reports, the two people talked about various issues important for bilateral relations and other regional and global issues. the national media declared the interview to be sincere and deep.

Today, Biden and Xi teamed up for the fifth time in their time in power. According to the website Politico, the main goal for the American party was to ensure that Beijing’s objections to Pelosi’s potential trip to Taiwan would not derail the discussion of the long-awaited personal meeting between the two presidents.

Regarding Taiwan, President Biden emphasized that the policy of the United States has not changed and that the United States strongly disagrees with unilateral efforts to change the status quo or undermine peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, according to the White House communiqué.

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