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Thank you Mr. President,

Mr. Secretary General, Excellency,

I would like to thank the French presidency for the opportunity to take part in this long session.

The Czech Republic is currently the President of the Council of the European Union. The EU is the main promoter of the values ​​and principles of the UN Charter.

400,000 Ukrainian refugee women took in the Czech Republic, which is the highest number per capita.

This huge wave of the most vulnerable population was driven abroad by the colonial, unprovoked and uncontrollable wave of aggression of Russia and Ukraine.

Russian aggression is probably the most dangerous threat to world peace in the last decade. Today it’s Ukraine, it’s going to be another country.

In August 1968, it was Slovakia that was attacked by troops led by Moscow. Suppressed by the so-called Prague Spring, a violent intervention in the peaceful life of another century turned the country into an occupied colony.

Let’s learn about the fact that a staged referendum is being hastily prepared in some hundreds of Ukraine. Russia cannot deceive the international community and steal another country’s land again.

It is good for you to reject Russia’s aggressive colonial policy and its imperial appetites. Ukraine rejected this slavery and the state fights for a multilateral world where the world protects the rules.

We are cut off from the layers that the Russian troops made in Mariupol, Bui, Irpini, Izjum and elsewhere. And we are extremely concerned at first about the so-called filter groups that Russia operates in Ukraine.

Statistics of Ukrainian soldiers, including children, were deported to Russia. There is evidence of sexual and gender-motivated crimes being used as a tool of struggle.

This must be investigated and the perpetrator must be held accountable. We very much appreciate the fact that the Secretary General initiated a UN mission to the events in Olenivka.

More than 40 percent of the Czech Republic turned to the International Criminal Court in connection with the day in Ukraine, which helped to solve the situation in Ukraine.

We clearly support the International Criminal Court, among other things, by sending a public prosecutor and donating voluntary donations.

And let’s call for the creation of a free international tribunal that will bring to justice the crime of aggression committed by Russia.

Czech authorities in the criminal justice system initiated the investigation of some criminal cases based on the principle of universal jurisdiction.

lenov Security Councils bear global responsibility for peace and international peace. Let’s ask you first when we choose you.

Please act!

We need a mr for Ukraine. We need to re-establish compliance with the UN Charter and international law. We need to ensure justice for victims and end impunity for perpetrators.

Thank you

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