Dn forbade entry into the forest, people wanted to light a fire despite the weather Home

A permanent ban on entering the forest was issued by the magistrate with regard to the threat to the safety and health of people due to falling stones, trees or their trees damaged by leprosy and the current state of health of the forest vegetation.

The magistrate thus satisfied the beginning of the park. In the Czech Republic, there are restaurants on an area of ​​approximately one thousand meters.

Damage to the entrance to the forest on the land of the municipalities of Hensko, Mezn, Janov, Rov, Kamenick Str, Srbsk Kamenice, Jetichovice, Rynartice, Vemily and Vysok Lpa. Exceptions are for park rangers, hunters and firefighters, police officers and paramedics.

People can choose selected tourist routes, such as the one from Rov to Srbská Kamenice or the cycle route in the Jetichovice – Na Tokni section and beyond. Citizens can find an overview of the cities and a map with their designations on one board of the municipality, which informs the affected community about the daily changes.

Let’s assume that the damage will last as long as necessary, but we’ll see and then put out the fire as soon as possible, said Tom Salov, the spokesman for the park.

Denial of entry to the park’s 100m park, Dn reportedly issued it mainly because of security reasons. According to him, some tourists went to cities where it could be dangerous for them because of the weather. You on the rocky hilltop, where they then stood in the smoke from the fire, said Salov.

He pointed out that leeks are characterized by the fact that they do not line the ground. We need to hit the aliens at some distance so that they don’t get into seven fires from where they can’t evacuate themselves. We felt that it was a problem that people were living close together, added Salov.

“I have a rumor from our voluntary guards that they caught tboc people in the national park who were clearly going to commit suicide,” said Salov. The boys could not be hit because they did not have time to start the fire.

The head of the national park first requested the ban on entry to the entire park. After the debate, the mayors of the municipalities in the Czech Republic, Anna Hubkov (for the KDU-SL) decided not to do so.

The mayors argued that tourism would be crippled even in cities without it. We don’t want to restrict the lives of the people around, but in the city of Haen, tourists tend to take photos, thereby endangering their safety and the destruction of pollution. The shopkeepers will see to it that entry to the designated streets is temporarily banned, Hubkov said on Thursday.

Entry into areas affected by the police. Border crossing to Germany in Hensk is closed.

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