Deadly floods hit Kentucky, causing damage to especially long vegetation St

It is a type of deadly flood flowing from the same beech system. He had a record intensive day in the city of St. Louis and its surroundings, where the big water took two lives.

The queue then moved to the entrance above Apalask mountain, where around 20 centimeters of rain fell in a day. Flood warnings remained in effect for the rest of Kentucky on Friday, although water levels receded in some places.

At the entrance to the station, after a while, the trees quickly broke loose and left behind codes that will take years to remove, Gov. Andy Beshear said. It will be one of the worst and most destructive floods in Kentucky at the moment, said Beshear, who declared a state of emergency in six counties. Hundreds of people will lose their homes, Eccl.

The AP reports that the flood wave engulfed villages along the stream and even in the Appalachian mountains. A video on the website of The New York Times (NYT) also shows how much water was taken from the entire house. Mucus is so slippery pdy.

About 33,000 homes in Kentucky and the neighboring states of Virginia and West Virginia were without electricity on Friday, according to the website, which also experienced strong outages.

The water did not rise. It went up and up and finally it was on my front porch, said a 50-year-old woman from southeastern Kentucky who described the dramatic incident to the NYT from her home near Whitesburg. At a certain point, the current almost carried her away, and finally the neighbors helped her with their canoes and kayaks. It was amazing, she said.

On Thursday, the governor announced the death of eight people, on Friday he added another seven deaths. But although the matter is no longer duplicitous, it is likely even during the day, he added.

The state called the National Guard to use helicopters and moons to rescue some residents, the governor added, adding that the number of people was unknown. “We’ve got a long way to go,” said Jerry Stacy, who oversaw crisis operations in hard-hit Perry County.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is also involved in the search, which has sent an additional security guard. In the meantime, US President Joe Biden declared a state of disaster for some Kentucky counties in order to make financial resources available to them.


According to American National Weather Service (NWS) employee Brandon Bonds, 20 and 27 centimeters of rain fell in the most affected areas during the 48-hour period ending on Thursday. The heaviest amount of rain in 24 hours in the state was recorded in 1997, when in the city of Louisville it rained less than 27 centimeters.

In the last few hours and days, strong winds have also appeared near the entrance. West Virginia Governor Jim Justice declared a state of emergency in six counties due to the sudden outbreak, but his government did not announce a day of sacrifice. According to meteorologists in the region, the threat of intense thunderstorms has not abated, and the NWS has extended flood warnings until this evening. Bonds said that the lion could drink on Saturday, not again on Sunday and five weeks.

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