Commence municipal and senate elections. Referendums will be held in the Russian-controlled regions of Ukraine Briefing

Start elections for municipal councils and Sent. Voters will decide who will govern the municipalities for five years. In the same first round of the senate elections, the votes will tell how much the upper chamber will change. KDU-SL defends the most seats in both types of elections. Regardless of the outcome of the senate elections, it is certain that the current coalition government will hit the top of the list. In Prague, you can call Sent in the districts of Prague 6, Prague 10 and Prague 11

President Milo Zeman at 14:00 cast your vote in the general elections in Lny. Prime Minister Petr Fiala call again at 14:30 at Z Zemdlsk in Brno.

In the Congress Center Prague, the main event will be a day of informality one minister responsible for consumer protection. The press conference is in full swing at 2:45 p.m.

Must be signed in Taipei agreement between Taiwan and the Czech Republic on cooperation in the semi-conductor and long-distance areas.

The Maastricht Parliament discusses the draft law, which would introduce a new body for the fight against corruption and thereby meet the requirements of the European Union and avoid the loss of funds from the EU.

M zat referendum on joining the Luhansk People’s Republic, Donck People’s Republic and st Khersonsk and Zporosk regions to Russia. Pro-Russian groups thus decided in the center on the permanent annexation of several hundred Mykolayivsk regions to Khersonsk, which allowed them to hold a referendum.

In the morning, there will be a manifestation of the ruling circle in response to the demonstrations filed since the weekend due to the death of Mark Zaten due to the non-observance of the rules on sexual harassment.

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