Carriers are busy today. The wolf has cut the price of cargo ships by half | Business

According to the company VesselsValue, the price of some vessels has increased by more than 60 percent between years. The main reason is the military conflict in Ukraine, which blocked many vessels on their original routes and led to a huge increase in fuel prices on the markets. The agency informed about it Bloomberg.

The biggest demand among buyers is for oil tankers. A total of 184 of them were sold during the year to the end of the year, worth 3.79 billion US dollars (about 91 billion crowns). This is the largest amount in the last five years and the highest number of transactions in the same period.

It is interesting that even a relatively old ship is now arriving at the front. Not long ago, a thirteen-year-old tanker from Korea changed hands for 19.3 million dollars (roughly 463 million crowns). According to a shipping expert, this is about 5 million dollars (120 million crowns) more than the price of a similar vessel, which could be sold during April this year.

The six-year-old tanker Largo Sun was sold this month for 35 million dollars, which is 840 million crowns. The prices of piblin boats this century have increased by more than twenty percent in a single year, according to analyst Olivia Watkins.

However, experts point out that the wolf to Ukraine is not the only reason that led to the increase in the prices of small vessels. Equally problematic is that new vessels have been constructed much more slowly in recent months, due to concerns about whether they will meet the necessary ecological limits in the future.

However, the anti-pandemic restrictions of many countries around the world in recent months also played a role, which significantly slowed down the production of many ships. For buyers from the West, the limited functioning of the Russian market was reflected in the high prices, so they had to go to geographically distant markets.

Carriers are always on time. However, a significant increase in their profits will be reflected in the higher prices of all products, John McCown told Reuters. A ten- and fifteen-year-old cargo ship is worth ten times as much as two years ago, Bloomberg concluded.

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