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Jureka announced at the same time that from August 1st, he will be able to manage the birth certificate electronically, and from January 1st, he will be able to issue child allowance on the portal. Jureka emphasized that the child allowance does not mean the parental allowance.

Ptitis’ contribution is part of the measures that the government wants to reduce the impact of health care on families. According to Jurek, there could be 1.6 million children, that is roughly 1.1 million households, and marriages could cost about 7.8 billion crowns.

According to the data of the Ministry, a number of jobs paid out 302,600 child tax in April. Their recipients should automatically receive 5,000 crowns per child in August. The others will have quite a year to go. Their pensions should then reach them by the end of the next month after the decision on their pensions.

The ministry started with the distribution of money. Already today, we will send 5,000 K to first-time mothers – an extraordinary child allowance, Jureka said on Twitter this afternoon.

According to the law, the minimum age is for a child who will not be 18 years old on August 1. The tax will also be paid for children born between August and the end of the year. Request for 5,000 crowns from 100 children with permanent residence and residence in the Czech Republic. The parent has to pay the expenses with the child. Foreigners who come and work in the Czech Republic for a long time can also receive the allowance. It can be taken by foster parents, husbands and partners, and widows and widowers.

The million dollar loan is not only dependent on employment and business. Also include income and other income that is given in the budget. Among the five you receive from royalties, living expenses, income from the sale of real estate, valuable papers and other things from the transfer of the company.

This should include services, compensation for wages and salaries, insurance payments, remuneration, severance pay, pension, sick pay, unemployment benefits, old age and maternity benefits. Lost wins will not be taken into account. Taxes that were paid and recovered last year should be taken into account. self-employed people with Paul should sweat at least half of the overall average salary.

it will be possible to submit an application on the portal online or in person at the so-called Czech Points, starting in mid-August. The Ministry also talks about cooperation with the Czech Republic. In addition to the names, places of birth and place of residence of the child and the place of birth, I must provide proof of income. Truthfulness and correctness should cover work orders and financial orders. They will have to move the people for a long time. Customs should be in charge of the exchange.

Some experts on social issues are constantly criticizing. Point out that unicorn support does not help families in trouble. They recommended the addition of child benefits and housing allowances. Some critics talk about bribery before the autumn elections.

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