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The gang entered the history of Czech criminology by connecting the underworld with elite police officers who were supposed to fight organized crime.

From the content of the criminal file, in particular from the central register of arrested persons, the copy of the criminal record and the summary of probation and the median service, it was found that the parolee led a daily life during the probationary period and complied with the imposed conditions, when he simultaneously fulfilled the imposed obligations, he stated that Berdych’s release by the chairman of the senate of the District Court for Prague 6 Krytof Nov.

The court therefore pronounced that it was ninety Berdych during the probationary period he passed away. No appeal can be filed against this decision.

Somewhere he fired the Prague erotic company Discoland Sylvia had to serve 15 years. After serving a two-year sentence, he began to seek early release. At first, he failed with Judge Novho.

The court did not spare Berdych in 2014 because of his criminal past, and he will not continue his criminal activities. However, Berdych was supported by both the prison manager and experts, who declared his reinstatement into the company to be fraudulent.

His first grader criticized the fact that, although Berdych was the only one from the gang to cooperate with the police to uncover the whole incident, he was the last one left behind.

In the end, Nov released Berdych on parole in June 2015, when he was ordered to be supervised by a probation officer for seven years. The deputy head of state agreed with the decision. Berdych’s freedom was also helped by more than a hundred praises he received in prison for his good behavior.

The case of the so-called Berdych’s gang was the worst case of organized crime in the history of Czech criminology. The first crimes were committed by Berdych and his accomplices in 1995. The capital’s investigation began in 2004, when detectives were arrested on a large number of suspects.

In connection with the gang’s activities, 50 people were eventually arrested. Criminals often disguised themselves as police officers, and their criminal activities often amounted to over one hundred million crowns.

One of Berdych’s accomplices in the gang’s activities was Jaromr Prokop, who operated from Discoland, and who ran away from justice for many years in the USA. After his arrest, the Prask High Court upheld his ten-year prison sentence in April of this year for involvement in those robberies. In this renewed trial, Berdych refused to testify about Prokopov’s role in the group.

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