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Firefighters announced on Twitter in the morning that they are slowly advancing to the center of the České Švýcarsko National Park. “It is a very inaccessible terrain, mainly the areas of Hluboké dol, Křídelní stěny and Edmundovi skútěsky. “Firefighters have to be suspended from ropes in steep hills, cutting through steep hills,” the fire department said Sunday morning.

Firefighters’ spokesperson Martina Götzová added at the morning press conference that no large fires broke out during the night. “We expect to deploy the same number of firefighters as yesterday. Of course, firefighters have to rotate regularly, the work is physically demanding,” she emphasized. Götzová also pointed out that the firemen started an arson attack.

The long-distance water line, through which the firefighters get water from Hřensko to the locations affected by the fire, measures almost ten kilometers in total. Large-capacity Somati and Sigma pumps help the firefighters with water transport. On such a scale, with such powerful hoses and pumps, long-distance water supply was used for the very first time, Götzová said.

Over 750 firefighters from all over the Czech Republic intervene in Hřensk and its surroundings. As of Sunday morning, helicopters and planes have not yet been able to help. Thick fog makes it impossible for them. “They have to wait until the fog clears,” said Lukáš Marvan, the fire department’s spokesman. According to him, the technology is ready. In Hřensk and the surrounding area, the fire has been burning for the eighth day today.

It is not yet clear whether helicopters and airplanes will be involved in the action today. To do this, the Polish helicopter had to fly out for service.

Eight firefighters were injured on Saturday

Already on Saturday, five planes, of which the firefighters have at their disposal, three Czech Antonov machines and two Swedish Air Tractor planes, could not take off all day due to bad weather. Seven Czech and Slovak helicopters and four helicopters from Germany helped extinguish the fire.

When fighting a fire several firefighters were injured on Saturday. One of them fell off a rock, the other two were stung by wild bees and wasps. Injured people were also injured in the early evening of Saturday in an accident involving a fire truck and a four-wheeler. According to the spokesperson, all firefighters are out of danger.

“These are primarily injuries to the lower limbs, minor sprains, bee stings or ash or other solid particles hitting the eyes,” explained Rudolf on Sunday morning, adding that oxygen therapy also helps firefighters. Some firefighters have already left the hospital and are continuing to intervene.

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