Austria was upset by the suicide of a female doctor who faced threats from anti-vaxxers World

The body of the doctor, who often gave interviews to the media about the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and promoted vaccination, was found on Friday in her surgery in Upper Austria.

“Let’s end this fear mongering. Hate and intolerance have no place in our Austria,” said President Alexander Van der Bellen, highlighting Lisa-Maria Kellermayr as a doctor who advocated for the treatment of people, their protection from disease and a cautious approach to the pandemic.

“However, it made some people angry. And these people haunted her, threatened her, first on the Internet and then in person, right in her practice,” he said. “I believe that in the end we will always find a way to live together in peace,” he added.

According to the media, the local prosecutor’s office does not plan to order an autopsy. The farewell letter found proves that it was a suicide.

The Austrian doctor has faced death threats from activists and supporters of conspiracy theories about the coronavirus pandemic for a long time. In addition, she had police protection arranged since the spring, she said she herself spent almost one hundred thousand euros for security in her office.

In his last tweetwhich she issued on Wednesday, she apologized to her patients for not being able to ensure their safety in the office and thus having to close her practice.

The Austrian anti-vaxxer community was able to incorporate the doctor’s death into their conspiracy theories. On the Telegram social network, some even openly expressed their joy. “It’s scary. I didn’t believe that the anti-vaxxer scene could be so dangerous,” the Austrian journalist commented on the reaction Michael Bonvalot.

Tens of thousands protested against vaccination

Austria last month dropped plans to introduce compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 for adults, saying the measure was unlikely to increase the population’s willingness to get vaccinated. Since March, stricter measures have ceased to apply to the unvaccinated.

In Austria, the vaccination rate stagnates at around 75 percent, the attempt at compulsory vaccination, on the contrary, caused wave of protests. Last year, tens of thousands of people regularly marched against plans to introduce mandatory vaccination.

However, the death of the female doctor -​​ which according to the Austrian Medical Association reflects a wider trend of threats to medical personnel -​​ has shocked the country.

“As a doctor, she dedicated her life to the health and well-being of others. Death threats to her and her staff were a cruel reality,” Health Minister Johannes Rauch wrote on Twitter

“Hatred against people is inexcusable. This hatred must finally stop,” he also appealed.

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