Armada, what about the L-159 battleships. Many of them want drones for the American F-35 Home

Currently, the Air Force R has 24 L-159 Alca aircraft, eight of which are two-seaters. They are divided into two squadrons, namely the 212th tactical squadron and the 213th training squadron.

It will get dark with the operation of both L-159 Alca squadrons. If two supersonic squadrons of F-35 aircraft are delayed, then we will lose one squadron, Tborsk said. For the rest of the aircraft, we assume that they will gradually be replaced by unmanned vehicles as they reach the end of their technical life, he added.

Efforts to modernize the F-35 were soon decided by the government. The cabinet instructed Defense Minister Jana Ernochová (ODS) to start negotiations with the American government on the purchase of 24 machines. At the moment, the army has one squadron of Gripen at its disposal, according to soldiers and experts, this is an insufficient number.

The gripen squadron was joined by the first subsonic L-159. the Czech Air Force took delivery of 72 of them between 2000 and 2003. Vtina, however, remained preserved in the hangar, and only 28 aircraft were put into service from the air, of which two were double-digit feats. It was only possible to sell the rest of the machines in 2015, in addition to the Irish Air Force, 21 aircraft were shared by the American company Draken International, whose planes are simulated by the enemy during air combat exercises.

I will release the gripen from the German esk armd in 2027, after which I will exercise the two-year option. As a result, the F-35 should remain in service for several decades.

According to the army’s recommendations, whose development was commissioned by politicians, aircraft other than the so-called fifth generation, whose only available successor is the F-35, would not be able to receive wheels after 2040. One of them will be the experience of cooperation with drones, which, according to some experts, will fly in formation with a piloted machine.

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