Another powerful weapon after HIMARS. Ukraine already has long-range rocket launchers from Germany World

“The third sibling of the ‘long arm’ family has arrived in Ukraine, the Mars II rocket launcher from Germany,” Reznikov wrote on Twitter, thanking German partners and Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht on behalf of Ukrainian gunners.

“Four more HIMARSs have arrived,” Reznikov added later, thanking the American partners. “We have proven that we can deploy this weapon smartly. The sound of the HIMARS rockets taking off has become a top hit this summer in front positions,” he added.

The Mars II rocket launcher is a licensed copy of the American M270 rocket launcher, adapted for the needs of the federal forces by the Krauss-Maffei-Wegmann concern, which required an increase in dimensions and weight, the Ukrainska Pravda newspaper noted on its website. All 12 missiles can be fired in 60 seconds from the rocket launcher, which is equipped with a new fire control system. The range, depending on the type of ammunition used, reaches 38 to 300 kilometers, the paper added.

Western rocket launchers are characterized by greater accuracy and longer range than the Soviet-designed weapons that Ukraine previously possessed. The new weapons allowed Ukrainian troops to hit previously unreachable Russian targets, Reuters recalled.

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