An Italian beat up a salesman right on the street. Witnesses filmed the event, no one intervened World

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According to the police, the attack probably did not have a racial motive. It was an argument that turned sour, ANSA reported on Saturday.

Thirty-nine-year-old Ogorchukwu was selling goods on the main street in Civitanova Marche on Friday afternoon. The aggressor approached him, snatched the crutch that the salesman was using to help him walk, and knocked him off the ground. The victim defended himself, but the stronger and better physically equipped attacker ambushed him and continued to beat him.

People who witnessed the attack called the police. When the assailant ran away, the clerks provided first aid. It is not clear from the available information whether the Nigerian died at the scene. With the help of security cameras, the police identified and caught the perpetrator.

There are several versions about the reason for the clash between the two men. According to the arrested man, Ogorchukwu persistently asked for change. According to one of the bystanders, the salesman complimented the offender’s partner, which upset the man.

Hundreds of people gathered in the center of Civitanova Marche on Saturday to honor the memory of the slain man. There was also a demonstration by the Nigerian community. Ogorchukwu was married with two children. He resorted to street vending after he was injured in a traffic accident and lost his job as a laborer. The arrested 32-year-old man was charged with murder and theft because he took the victim’s mobile phone.

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