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The ammunition warehouse of the Emko company caught fire around four in the morning on Sunday. No one was injured during the fire, which was extinguished by the rescuers. A drone will search the site of the incident from the air, and no one is allowed in the area for 72 hours.

According to the owner of the company, Emiliyan Gebrev, obsolete ammunition from unpaid orders was found in the warehouse.

It is not a day of human failure. Around four o’clock there was an explosion and then the warehouse started to smoke. We can’t tell you what happened inside. We are not allowed to enter for another 24 hours. But he must respect that a mine explodes in a warehouse with obsolete ammunition, he said for the BNR agency. it was about the heavy ammunition that remained unpaid. All that was left was to store them, he added.

Bulgaria’s media is still speculating whether it could be a member of the Russian agent in the country. And they have a reason for their assumptions. In the past, GRU agents tried to extort the owners of the Gebreva warehouse. Vyut had a novelty, the poison with which they tried to kill a brave Russian agent in Britain in 2018 Sergei Skripal.

The research organization Bellingcat showed that the actions against Gebrev were filled by the Kremlin. According to the organization, the Moscow services tried to break him off twice, for the supply of weapons to Ukraine during the military conflict on Donbass between 2014 and 2015.

The connection between Gebrev and the Russian military intelligence is not just about poisoning. Orders were placed for Gebrev’s company Emko in the warehouses in Vrbtice.

In 2014, the vertebrae suffered two explosions. Two people died in the explosion of the first of the Munich warehouses in June 2014, and the second warehouse exploded in December of that year. On April 17 last year, the then Prime Minister Andrej Babi (ANO) and the Minister of the Interior, Jan Hamek, announced that the Czech authorities suspected female employees of the Russian military intelligence service of having planted the device that caused the explosion in Munich warehouses.

Linked to the explosion with Russian agents Gebrev didn’t predict, but we can’t deny it either. That’s a badass. I only know how the situation looked from my point of view. In the morning, the alarm in the warehouse area reported the movement, and a few minutes later the explosion occurred. The party did not break the rules during the day, he told the Bulgarian television BNT.

In this direction, he should be able to listen to all the parties involved and, based on that, take correct and reasonable steps. This is elementary, added Gebrev.

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