Americans killed the terrorist Al-Kid Zawahri, the CIA used a drone St

Amerit newsmen, according to Biden, tracked the 71-year-old Zavahr to a house in the center of Kabul, where he quarreled with his family. The president approved the operation last week and it was carried out on Sunday. The event did not go down well with civilians.

In a speech from the Holy House, Biden said that Zavahr was guilty of murdering Americans.

Now justice was served. And this terrorist scientist is not. The people of the whole world do not have to be a skilled and determined killer, said the American president, who is now recovering from the disease covid-19. Tonight, let us make it clear again that no matter how long it takes, no matter where you go, if you are a threat to our people, the United States will find you and take you down, he noted.

According to Biden, the intelligence community searched for Zavahrm in vain for the government of the past three American presidents, and hunted him down for two this year after he moved to the center of Kabul to be with his family.

The Reuters agency, citing an unnamed American official, said that Zavahr landed after an American drone strike in Kabul on Sunday at 06:18 local time (03:48 EST).

The CNN news website, citing an unnamed source from the Biden administration, claims that the terrorist was on a balcony at the time of his death, where two Hellfire missiles were fired at him from a drone.

He helped coordinate the streams from the 11th z

The Egyptian Zavahr, on whose head the USA put a reward of 25 million dollars, helped to coordinate the flows of 11 of 2001. The official action of Al-Qida in the street with bin Laden claimed the death of 3,000 people in the USA. According to Biden, the killing of one of the most wanted terrorists can be another satisfaction for the families of the 9/11 victims.

Biden said that Zavahr was the mastermind or played a key role in other attacks, including the assassination of the US destroyer Cole in Aden, Yemen in June 2000 and the attack on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in August 1998.

Biden’s announcement about the sleep operation was welcomed by both Democratic and Republican lawmakers. American Vice President Kamala Harris wrote on Twitter, among other things, that thanks to the removal of this terrorist, the world has become a free city.

Thus, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sadsk Arbia announced the elimination of the terrorist. Zavahr planned terrorist operations that killed scores of innocent people, including Sad, it said.

According to Reuters, Zawahri’s death raised questions about whether Taliban provided the al-Qida leader with a toit after the American forces and their allies left Afghanistan. According to an unnamed source of the agency, a representative of Tlibna knew about the presence of terrorists in Kabul. Government spokesman Tlibnu Zabhullh Mudhid confirmed before Biden’s announcement that there had been an airstrike and strongly condemned it, saying it violates international law.

The AP agency wrote that according to a high-ranking representative of the intelligence services, the house where Zavahr was killed belonged to a high-ranking adviser to Sirdudden Hakknho, who heads the Ministry of Interior in the government of Tliben. According to the source, the full operation began six months ago, but intensified in the last two months.

In a speech on August 31, 2021, after the last American troops left Afghanistan, Biden said that the United States will not let up in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan or elsewhere. We will continue the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and other countries, said the Holy House. We just don’t need a land wolf for that, he added.

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