Americans canceled Putin’s tax on the bird, and her property was also affected St

The government dissolved Kabayev’s marriage and introduced asset restrictions, the AP agency reported. Kabayev is at the head of the NMG media group, which, according to the US, is promoting the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Thus, Kabayev is on the European Union’s sanction list, he got on it in the course of the six sanctions package at the Ervna prison. It has also been on the British list since May. Prominent Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny also called for sanctions to be imposed on Kabaeva for disinformation.

Andrey Grigorjevi Gurjev, the oligarch who owns the Witanhurst estate in Britain, is included in the latest package of sanctions by the US Department of Finance. The 25-bedroom residence is the second-tallest estate in London after Buckingham Palace, AP reported. The USA decided to block his yacht Alfa Nero worth 120 million dollars (2.9 billion crowns).

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