Airplanes from Sweden will help with extinguishing. They have already stretched hoses to the Pravčická gate Home

“In the evening and at night, the firemen created a hose transport line to the Pravčická gate so that this location could be defended from the ground as well,” said the firemen. Regional fire department spokesman Lukáš Marvan added to ČT that the fire department wants to better control the location near Pravčicská brana, because there is still a risk of new outbreaks. Until now, it was only possible to intervene in the place by aerial firefighting.

At night, they also added water to the fire reservoirs in Janov and Labská stráni, which had been emptied in the previous days.

The firefighters were also assisted by the Road Administration and Maintenance technician.

On Thursday, two Canadair planes from Italy joined the firefighting effort, dropping water into Hluboké dol. According to the fire department, it was able to transport 48,000 liters of water there every hour, which, according to Marvan, was very helpful.

However, the planes must return to Italy on Friday, where they must also participate in firefighting. Aerial firefighting will continue with helicopters and other aircraft.

The Czech Switzerland National Park has been on fire since Sunday. The fire in the park affected an area of ​​approximately 1,200 hectares. About 500 people have already had to leave the threatened villages. Approximately 450 to 500 firefighters were on the scene in recent days.

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