After this week’s heat, the August temperatures will only gradually drop | Home

It is assumed that the temperature in the Czech territory will be above average in the period of August. It will probably be the warmest in the first forecast week from August 1 to 8. In the half this week temperatures should again exceed the tropical thirty degrees Celsius. It will cool down for the weekend, but not significantly. It may rain more significantly at the weekend.

Warmer summer weather will continue in the coming weeks, but average weekly temperatures should slowly drop.

From the point of view of the total amount of precipitation, we assume that the period of August will be average in the territory of the Czech Republic as a whole. Of the 4 weeks, the third forecast week from August 15th is expected to see the heaviest rainfall, but is likely to be within the normal range for the time of year.

No major fluctuations in total weekly precipitation are expected, but due to this time of year, larger regional differences in total precipitation can be expected as a result of thunderstorms.

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