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The rise in price levels from the spring and early summer, together with higher mortgage rates, discouraged many people from starting construction. And the drop in demand pushes prices down, claims Michal Jaloveck from the company Ekonomick stavby.

Denn materil or OSB boards began to decline roughly from the beginning of the recession. It’s a question of when to stop. But we have a winter ahead of us, when the condition will change, so we can expect this trend to continue, he added.

The drop in prices does not apply to all materials. Bricks or glass, which require natural gas for their production, the prices of which are at record highs, shortages and concerns over the course of winter, keep prices low. According to Jaloveckho, materials with energetic production can also be healthy.

The adept of health care is thus works that require the use of heavy techniques, such as concrete works. You will prolong the financial complexity of leasing using techniques.

In this regard, the development of polystyrene prices is slow. In connection with the demand for building insulation, this material costs more than last year, however, special events are regularly repeated, during which polystyrene is offered several tens of percent cheaper.

They were buying bricks for ssoba

According to Metrostav data, the prices of construction materials started to rise at the beginning of the year. From nora to ervna they increased by about half. The last impulse was given by the pandemic and the hope of healing.

A kind of sharp price jump occurred about a month after the flow of Russia to Ukraine. Between March and April, extruded polystyrene XPS 300 cost 112 percent more compared to the end of 2021.

After this, prices fell. Steel bars, corrugated sheets or steel profiles have become noticeably cheaper by several hundreds of percent in the last few years.

Compared to the beginning of 2021, however, the space for the discount store is decided. The prices of these ties are still holding up compared to the price level of the beginning of last year by 100 percent.

Turbulent prices in the previous months have also changed the breeding stock in other respects. In the same way that the lack of ip caused the need to gather the necessary pieces for the just-in-time regime in production, so also on construction sites, people try to gather materials.

Today, you can see a lot of material on the construction sites, where there are bricks. It was not common to go a few years ago, because builders were afraid that people would dismantle them, warns Metrostav spokesman Vojtch Kostiha. In some cases, this led to the fact that people bought materials at record high prices, which have now started to fall again.

In turn, the house is also being built

The discounting of building materials is not only manifested in the field of housing construction or small buildings, but also in the construction of roads. During the spring price survey, the editors of roads and highways were advised not to bother with the conclusion of new contracts. Now, according to the prices from the last concluded contracts, it seems that this kind of action has happened.

For example, for the fifth time, a solemn ceremony was held to open the construction of the D55 road from Moravskho Psk to Bzenc. Skanska abandoned the construction of the 10-kilometer cut this year by arresting z (the contract was signed on the 5th of z) in a tender between seven bidders at a price of 1.107 billion crowns. The total price is thus only 53 million crowns, not how much the health planner estimated the cost of the construction to be.

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